WinAmp not visible/opens off-screen

If you, like me, often work with an extra screen attached to your notebook,
you would surely have come across the problem where your applications open ‘off-screen’
or in other words, on your secondary screen, even when it is not plugged in.

WinAmp is especially finicky with this one and the solution is not as straightforward
as many people might have you believe. Or should I rather say, in Windows 7 the
solution is not as simple as expected.

The fix in Windows XP:
* Right-click the WinAmp application in the task bar
* Select “Move”
* Use the cursor keys and move the window into the primary viewing area.

The fix in Windows 7:
* Right-click the WinAmp application in the task bar, but also hold down shift while doing so
* At this stage you can select move and try to move the screen all you want, it has no effect.
* Open the context menu’s as shown in the following screenshot.

WinAmp - Opened off-screen

* Select ANY other skin and voilà, WinAmp returns.

WinAmp Returns!

Selecting the theme that was previously selected will still open the windows off-screen but at least you can get your WinAmp back in the interim while not connected to your secondary monitor.

I hope this helps at least 1 person out there cause it sure as hell caused me more than enough head-scratching.

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  1. I tried that, it didn’t work? The little mini-view doesn’t provide me with a context menu when I right click on it. It just disappears.

  2. PW

    Thanks so much. It worked like a charm!

  3. J

    Legend mate ! Tks 4 that, worked like it should and can play more than the last few tracks from the playlist. Cheers 😉

  4. Anon

    Thanks so much!

  5. Ivo

    try alt + w

  6. Radu

    Thank you so much. I had settings/ratings and if i were to unistall..

  7. Winamp-User

    Thanks so much. This problem gave me headaches several times.

  8. robo bot

    Right-click a border area, choose “Window Settings”, “Docked Toolbar”, click the very last option “Dock/Undock by Dragging”.

    Again right-click a border area and go to “Window Settings”, “Docked Toolbar”, choose any of the 4 directions for example “Top”.

    WinAmp will snap to the top of your screen so that you can see the entire window. Now what you need to do is grab it by the title bar and drag it to wherever you want, so it is no longer docked. Now you’ve moved it and you’re done! If you use docking, go back in to the settings and disable that last option again.

  9. Guy

    Thanks all. Robo bot’s fix is the best one here. Weird bug.

  10. Thank you. Thank you. It only took me a minute and a half to find your post and fix my disappearing winAmp problem. Holding down the shift key in Windows 7 worked immediately

  11. The Dude

    Hey that helped — thank you!

  12. Sue

    Thank you!!!

  13. Arun

    It works now. Thanks!!!

  14. Pavel

    I use Windows 7, but in Windows Classic theme (98s-like toolbar).
    I also use Actual Window Manager to manage my toolbars on three screens at work.
    And finally I use Classic Shell to display folder tree with dotted guide lines.
    With all this I found that I am not able to open context menu by clicking on WinAmp icon in toolbar neither on it’s instance “preview” which pop-ups when you point on WinAmp toolbar icon.
    On-icon right click opens menu allowing me to open new WinAmp instance.
    On-preview right click (I tried to click the icon, title and also play/pause/nexe/prev/stop buttons) preview closes.

    However, I found fix:
    1. click WinAmp icon, so you make it active application
    2. then press Shift-F10, and WinAmp context menu opens
    3. then use what excellently described above: Skins > and select for instance Big Bento, or other skin you are not using currently

    BTW I cannot resist to try this:


  15. Peter

    Thank you so very much. I even consider a new install of Win. And I’m on a desktop.

    You, good sir, are doing important work!

  16. AndyF

    Thanks! You superstar!

  17. Thank you so much – Winamp is ALWAYS misbehaving and I can never remember the Windows 7 fix!

  18. Dee


    my pet kittens always have their way to get me into these kind of irritaring problems…

  19. Master H

    Best tip I read this year! THANKS!

  20. Eric

    This worked great. Thanks.

  21. Bedex

    Thanks man!

  22. Gabi

    You deserve a Pulitzer! Thank you!

  23. Roja

    Well I’m at least one person and it helped me. I was about to reinstall winamp so thank you.

  24. Chris

    Still helping people 6 years later. Thanks man 😀

  25. esmilodonte

    GRacias me sirvió muchísimo la solución en windows 10

  26. samra

    Wow!! Thank you. Every time I faced such problem, I had to uninstall and install again. Thank you so much. So helpful

  27. Dunja

    THANK YOU!! <3