2020, but 2021!

It’s been a while.

My last post was April 6, 2017. That’s nearly 4 years ago. In that time so so much has changed.

I’ve become a father of 2 boys. We’ve bought our long-term (hopefully 20 years +) home. It’s a fixer-upper, but it has potential (and a pool ? ). It’s close to where my wife works (she’s a teacher) and that means she and the kids can walk to school. Of course, that’s when they’re of age and the weather allows it.

Covid-19, or Coronavirus, or Sars-Cov-2, or whatever you want to call it…. that also happened. And still is at the time of writing this post. The world is in some form of perpetual lockdown and all we plebs can do is “wait it out”.

Seriously, I’m so tired of virus-related news I rarely properly read the news anymore. I only pay attention to SpaceX news. They have interesting news every…single…time they say something.

Trump lost. South Africa is still facing blackouts. But we did win the Rugby World Cup in 2019 ? ?… hell yeah!

I’ve also changed jobs. Twice. The most recent change of scenery hasn’t even kicked in yet. I’ll be starting a new chapter at Codemaven on 1 March 2021.

Hence this post. I think it’s time I start putting my mind to (e) paper. I’ve been so many things in my 15+ year career. I started off as a Junior Dev, grew a little in that position. Eventually moved over to more of a consulting/engineering role in the same company (read my first post). This is more or less when this site was born.

I then became a product owner. I didn’t capitalize that title on purpose because it was the most boring time in my career. I live for technical challenges, not documentation and meetings the whole day.

So I moved back into development and I’ve been happy about my choice ever since.

Now, I’m staring down ‘DevOps’ alley. Can’t wait!

Throughout my career, I ran into typical sysadmin-type problems and had to solve them. In order to pay it forward, I would make a post on this site in order to, hopefully, help other people along the way if/when they run into the same problem.

It was also a notebook/scratchpad for me. I often find myself referencing some of the older posts here about how to solve something (mostly Linux-related, FWIW).

So with this post, and since I’m starting something new soon, I hope to revive the blog a bit. If you’ve got any requests or ideas, feel free to pop a message below. I’ll read them all, I promise.

2020 was awful, but 2021!

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