Microsoft introduced a handy new command in Windows 7 to help you figure out your battery health.

To use it, do the following:
• Open a command prompt (as ‘administrator’)
• Type the following:

C:\powercfg -energy

• Give it time to run for 60 seconds
• An html file will be created in your Profile directory. In my case, I get the following output from the screen”

C:\Users\hschoeman>powercfg -energy
Enabling tracing for 60 seconds...
Observing system behavior...
Analyzing trace data...
Analysis complete.
Energy efficiency problems were found.
25 Errors
9 Warnings
23 Informational
See C:\Users\techedemic\energy-report.html for more details.

The part in red above shows the location of the output file. Sad but true, my battery is dying – it only charged about 39% on the last charge:

Battery ID	LGC06L09L6D16
Manufacturer	LGC06
Serial Number	
Chemistry	LION
Long Term	1
Design Capacity	64069
Last Full Charge	25186

I use Adaptec (More specifically, the Adaptec 5805) RAID cards on a daily basis. Apart from the long(ish) boot times, they perform great once booted up and I’d recommend the cards any day. I also use Ubuntu predominantly as a server OS, so in order to manage my arrays, I need to be able to use the Adaptec Storage Manager (ASM for short). Unfortunately, Ubuntu is NOT officially supported, so you need to do a little workaround to get it to work.
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