Viewing BIOS information from Windows, Linux

Knowing your BIOS information, e.g. Revision or Release Date, can be critical in troubleshooting your hardware (and even software in some cases) issues.

This begs the question, where do you find this information? Well, you could obviously just reboot your PC/Server, go into your BIOS and get the information there. Of course, not all of us have the luxury of being able to boot our PC and going into the BIOS at free will. Especially in either ‘headless’ or off-site boxes.

So, to view BIOS info in Linux, you can do the following command (You must be ‘root’ in non-sudo type releases)

#enter the following to see all the possible keywords 
#you can use to view information
demo@techedemic:~$ sudo dmidecode -s
dmidecode: option requires an argument -- 's'
String keyword expected
Valid string keywords are:
#Taking the above in consideration, you could, for 
#instance, view the BIOS release date with the following 
demo@techedemic:~$ sudo dmidecode -s bios-release-date

In Windows, it’s even simpler..

#Execute the following command. You will get loads of 
#information regarding your system, but I've 'cut out' 
#the section showing you the BIOS information:
BIOS Version:              LENOVO     30CN56WW  , 2010/05/18

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