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If you want to run a slide show or something similar on your Pi, you don’t want to constantly go into ‘screensaver mode’ or ‘energy star’ mode.

This guide is based on Raspbian, fully updated as at 4 Aug 2014.

If your Pi runs X by default, you can disable the screensaver or power saving mode as follows:

# Edit the /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc file and add the following three lines at the bottom of the file
xset s off         # don't activate screensaver
xset -dpms         # disable DPMS (Energy Star) features.
xset s noblank     # don't blank the video device

If you run the console by default, but still want to prevent the screen from going blank, you can do it with the following single command:

sudo sh -c "TERM=linux setterm -blank 0 >/dev/tty0"

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