Windows 2008 R2 – More than one remote desktop session with same user

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On all my previous Windows Server installations, I was able to have multiple (mostly 2, 3 if you add the ‘console’ user as well) Remote Desktop sessions to the same server. In Windows 2008 R2 however, it seems the existing sessions get disconnected and reconnected to the new RDP Client when you use the same username.

Like most things in IT however, there is a workaround. It involves a simple regedit and you should be able to connect to the same system with the same user on multiple sessions.

Step 1 : Open regedit and navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\TerminalServer

Step 2 : Look for the value named fSingleSessionPerUser

Step 3 : The default value for is normally 1 (or 0x1) which translates to True. Double-click the fSingleSessionPerUser and change the value to 0 (or 0x0).
Step 4 : Exit the registry editor. You should now be able to connect from multiple pc’s as expected (with the same user)


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