Maintaining file and folder permissions in Linux when copying to FAT32

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The problem:
You have some data on a machine somewhere that you need to copy to another machine, but you want to preserve the file/folder permissions and attributes. Problem is, you only have a FAT32 formatted external drive you can use and FAT32 does not support Linux permissions and attributes.

The solution:
Create a .tar file. Permissions will be preserved and copying will also be faster since it’s only one file being copied (only true in cases where you’re copying a myriad of small files)

Here’s how you create a tarball:

tar -[options] [target file] [source file(s)/directories]
tar -cvf target.tar source/

You can then just copy the tarball to the target drive and move to whichever machine you want to untar it on.

I won’t go into the details of the ‘tar’ command here, but if you require any assistance, just leave a comment and I’ll help where I can..


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