yum (RHEL/CentOs/SL/etc) has an option which allows you to limit the download rate/amount of bandwidth used to download packages. Here’s how you do it:

Edit the /etc/yum.conf file and add the following line:


The above entry will limit the download rate to 50 kilobytes per second (note, not kilobits) when you do any yum command such as yum install or yum groupinstall , etc.

For Ubuntu/Debian users that use apt, please see this post

I use Adaptec (More specifically, the Adaptec 5805) RAID cards on a daily basis. Apart from the long(ish) boot times, they perform great once booted up and I’d recommend the cards any day. I also use Ubuntu predominantly as a server OS, so in order to manage my arrays, I need to be able to use the Adaptec Storage Manager (ASM for short). Unfortunately, Ubuntu is NOT officially supported, so you need to do a little workaround to get it to work.
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